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Alfa 8C: a thrilling journey between style and power

Moulded by the wind with a vice-like grip on the asphalt: the Alfa 8C inhabits a space between sky and earth.
Alfa 8C and Alfa 8C Spider pursue each other, their paths cross, they escape and then find each other again. Unmistakable style, peerless luxury and ultra-high-performance. A thrilling journey between style and power.

Alfa Romeo 8C protagonist on the road: watch the video.

Alfa 8C: a thrilling journey between style and power

8c gallery

8c gallery8c gallery

Concept Alfa 8C

Concept Alfa 8CConcept Alfa 8C

8C gialla

8C gialla8C gialla

8C nera

8C nera8C nera

Foto Alfa 8c Competizione

Foto Alfa 8c CompetizioneFoto Alfa 8c Competizione

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