4C Grazia aerodinamica

4C Grazia aerodinamica4C Grazia aerodinamica4C Grazia aerodinamica

Aerodynamic gracefulness

No concessions to style for its own sake, to convenience or to any desire to surprise. The essence of the Alfa Romeo 4C is simple: pure performance.
Every single design decision was taken with this in mind.


The heart of the beast, a centrally mounted engine, is clearly visible through the rear window. Every other element in the car starts from here. The round rear light clusters blend into muscular rear wings that house the air intakes for the intercooler. The energy-packed and dynamic sides taper into a perfect front profile for the headlights, inside which two V-shaped lines dive down to the shield-shaped grille and Alfa Romeo symbol.


The result is a car that conveys the pure spirit of motorsport. Every structural element has been conceived to fulfil a specific aerodynamic function, and to help create the downforce needed to ensure maximum grip during lateral acceleration.



Aerodynamic gracefulness

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