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The Alfa Romeo 4C offers various possibilities for customisation, both aesthetically and to highlight its sports character, which permit it to satisfy the requirements of all customer types.

6 body colours are available for the Alfa Romeo 4C: three pastel (Black, White and Alfa Red), one metallic (Basalto Grey) and two three-layer (Madreperla White and Competizione Red).

The rims on offer, in addition to various sizes and designs, permit the choice of colour: steel or a burnishing treatment to lend an even sportier look to the car.

There’s even a choice of brake caliper colours. The Alfa Romeo 4C offers four: grey (as standard), red, yellow and black.

As far as the interior is concerned, the Sabelt seats with carbon fibre shell, the epitome of the sports seats on the market, have 4 different upholstery options: in addition to the standard black fabric with red stitching, you can choose black or red leather, or even the top-of-the-range offer of leather and microfibre with red stitching. What’s more, the interior colour – black as standard – can be modified with the “two-tone red interior” option, which gives the inside an even more sporty and exclusive appearance.

The carbon headlight casing and instrument panel hood are the two optionals on offer that propose additional carbon fibre, a material with a leading role in the car and visible from inside, thanks to the exposed monocoque, on other elements of the car.

The Racing double exhaust tailpipe, the Racing Set-Up and the AR Racing Tyres, on the other hand, are the optionals which offer an even sportier feel on the Alfa Romeo 4C.

In addition to these specific optionals for the car, Alfa Romeo 4C customers have been provided with a series of exclusive optional accessories, like the custom 4C red car cover and the Alfa Romeo 4C roller suitcase.




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