4C Genesi di un sogno

4C Genesi di un sogno4C Genesi di un sogno4C Genesi di un sogno

Genesis of a dream

1967. Alfa Romeo produces 18 examples of the 33 Stradale, the homologated version of the Tipo 33 used in racing. The car is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful of all times. It enters the history books for its totally performance-oriented design philosophy and dramatically low weight.

It is packed with innovative technology, including a brand new chassis with a mixed structure derived from aeronautical technology, made from magnesium alloy and steel tube.

This is the car from which the Alfa Romeo 4C draws its inspiration, form and content.


As can be seen at first glance, the two cars share the same lines, in which every single element has an essential function, and nothing is superfluous. This perfect balance is the result of coherent design choices and perfect harmony between mechanical and stylistic requirements.


From concept car to production model, the changes are minimal, and made only for homologation purposes.


The objective is to give enthusiasts the supercar of their dreams, a car with unique styling and design choices, to be driven on both road and track. Once, this was a dream. Now it is the Alfa Romeo 4C.



Genesis of a dream

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