Active safety

The architecture of the Giulietta is completely new and designed to integrate and enhance the various safety systems to the maximum degree.
Each and every aspect has been optimised to guarantee maximum control in all conditions, from the chassis and suspensions, to the braking and steering systems.

Vehicle Dynamic Control VDC comes as standard on all versions and interacts with the Alfa DNA (Dynamic, Normal, All Weather driving modes), which modulates system performance strategies while also adjusting the operating parameters of the engine, gearbox, steering system and Q2 electronic differential.

The Giulietta also offers Pre-Fill and DST systems (Dynamic Steering Torque). The former, active in DNA Dynamic mode offers the driver maximum braking promptness; the latter prompts the driver to make the correct manoeuvre in emergencies by sending a pulse to the steering wheel.

Active safety

active safety

active safetyactive safety

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