Preventive safety

Alfa Romeo Giulietta adopts front LED headlights with a Daytime Running Light function that automatically turns on the sidelights when the car is started.
The tail lights, also LED, offer greater brightness than conventional bulbs and greater safety due to the extremely short activation times.



The entire range is equipped with the 'Tire Pressure Monitoring System' (TPMS) as standard. This electronic system monitors the air pressure inside every single tyre and notifies the driver if there are any pressure losses.
Using this device offers benefits both in terms of safety, and in terms of optimising fuel consumption and managing the lifetime of the tyres. Driving with deflated tyres not only makes braking time longer, thereby reducing the stability of the vehicle, but also wears the tyres more rapidly, which increases rolling resistance and hence fuel consumption.

Preventive safety

planned security

planned securityplanned security

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