The Giulietta introduces an entirely new architecture designed to satisfy the most demanding customers in terms of road-holding, agility and safety. It ensures both exceptional dynamic performance and high comfort levels, thanks to the refined technical solutions employed for the suspension, a new-generation steering system, a light and rigid structure created from materials such as aluminium and high-strength steels and manufacturing techniques on the cutting edge.

In an age beset by so many question marks, the Giulietta emerges as a new benchmark. A new architecture has been forged for this car.
A design that builds on Alfa Romeo's long experience in engineering and the result is cutting edge. The entire architecture has been redesigned compared to the previous generation, using the most innovative materials: aluminium, magnesium and high-strength steels that combine very high strength and rigidity qualities with weight reduction. The lightness of this architecture translates into outstanding performance plus a significant reduction in braking.
The new floor pan is a genuine system in its own right that interacts synergetically with each individual mechanical and electronic component on the car to guarantee agility, comfort and safety.




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