For a car that ushers in a new age, Alfa Romeo presents latest generation petrol engines for revolutionary results in terms of performance, eco-friendliness and versatility. In particular, MultiAir technology marks a major generational leap compared to current petrol engines. This is achieved due to the principle underpinning this new technology: the possibility of continuously adjusting the main elements that guarantee optimum combustion at any speed and under all driving conditions.
An innovative hydro-electric system for operating the engine's inlet valves allows direct and dynamic control of air intake and combustion, replacing a conventional throttle valve. A significant result from an environmental and economic viewpoint

  • From 10% to 35% more maximum power with the adoption of a high-performance cam profile.
  • Up to 15% more torque at low speeds due to direct control over valve rise.
  • Pick-up improved by up to 12% due to high air mass pressure.
  • A reduction of up to 10% in fuel consumption and emissions thanks to the elimination of pumping losses.

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