MiTo - LPG

MiTo - LPGMiTo - LPG


LPG Turbo

An LPG with 120 HP of real power. This dual-fuel engine is agile, reliable and gutsy, installed and guaranteed by Alfa Romeo.


  • It drastically reduces nitrogen and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • The car can go everywhere, even where traffic restrictions apply.
  • Offers more than 1,200 km total range (petrol and LPG).


The 1.4 Turbo bi-fuel petrol and LPG engine ensures the same torque, power and reliability characteristics as the petrol engine, and combines reduced running and maintenance costs with polluting emissions lower than the equivalent petrol version.

Fuel supply to the engine, achieved using a sequential Multipoint system, makes switching from petrol to LPG imperceptible and immediate. The engine is first supplied with petrol and then automatically switches over to LPG, while performance in terms of acceleration and engine response remains unvaried.

The special switch on the central tunnel provides you the freedom to choose the type of fuel to run on. Two tanks guarantee a range of 1200 km. The engine is automatically fed with petrol when the gas reserve runs out.

Discover the advantages of the Alfa Romeo LPG Turbo.


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