Starting from aspirated, lower displacement engines boasting brilliant performance and feistiness for new drivers, Alfa Romeo is offering the most technologically advanced range of petrol engines for the category:



105 CV Euro 6 0.9 Turbo TwinAir. An extremely versatile revolutionary engine which offers the choice of lively performance or low emissions depending on the driving style.


The last word in automotive engineering in terms of technology, performance and eco-friendliness, as demonstrated by its winning the prestigious Best New Engine 2011 award. It is a combination of MultiAir technology and specific fluid dynamics optimised to achieve maximum fuel efficiency: power, outstanding flexibility and response when you need them. The lowest CO2 emissions on petrol engines in the category are reached also thanks to the interaction with Alfa DNA and use of the Start&Stop device.


Alfa MultiAir

This technology heralds a new era for petrol engines, controlling the intake of air into the engine directly as it enters the cylinders, based on the actual engine requirements.


From 10% to 35% more maximum power and up to 15% more torque at low speeds.


Pick-up improved by up to 12% and up to 10% lower fuel consumption and emissions.


MiTo Petrol

MiTo PetrolMiTo Petrol

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