Derived from racing experience, Alfa DNA is the exclusive Alfa Romeo driving selector which, by acting on engine, brakes, steering, gearbox, suspension and accelerator, perfectly adapts the vehicle's performance to suit the driver's style and the road conditions.


It offers simple, intuitive use: just shift the selector near the gear lever.

  • In the Dynamic racing driving mode the electronic traction control systems are activated more discreetly, the engine and brakes are more reactive and quicker to respond and the steering is more direct and sporty.
  • Shift the selector to the Natural urban driving mode and the calibration is more neutral, with optimised consumption.
  • When poor grip conditions make the road more demanding, all you have to do is activate the All weather setting, designed to anticipate the intervention of all of the electronic safety devices.

Suspension & D.N.A.

Suspension & D.N.A.Suspension & D.N.A.

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