Architecture compact

Architecture compactArchitecture compact

Architecture compact

Architecture compactArchitecture compactArchitecture compact

Compact architecture

The new Alfa Romeo Compact architecture that made its debut on the Alfa Giulietta, makes the car the new benchmark for its category. The new architecture, designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers in terms of roadholding, agility and safety, marks a genuine technical and engineering leap compared to all previous floor pans.

Due to its compact structure and the material used, it guarantees new levels of excellence in terms of comfort, driving dynamics and on-board safety.

The entire architecture has been redesigned compared to previous generations, improving efficiency, reducing weight and improving performances and strength.

Light materials
The lightness of this architecture is translated into excellent performance and the road behaviour is guaranteed by the use of aluminium and high-strength steels.

The entire structure is now significantly stronger and provides better performance without any increase in weight with respect to the previous generation. All this is thanks to the ever wider use of high and ultra-high strength materials, which now make up more than 90% of the total mass of the system: some structural parts, designed to provide high strength and the ability to absorb impact with minimal deformation, have been made from hot-pressed tempered steel.

Moreover, lightweight materials have been used for several structural elements bolted to the body structure. For instance, the front beam connecting the front struts and the third load path are made from extruded aluminium. The rear bumper beam and the third load path energy absorption elements are made from Xenoy (a thermoplastic material with excellent energy absorption properties in relation to weight). The third load path energy absorption elements absorb the energy of low-speed impacts with obstacles and support the bumper in impacts with pedestrians.

Employing these solutions has provided a weight reduction of 8.5 kg at the front and 4 kg at the rear with respect to conventional steel structures, without compromising safety performance.

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