bose sound system

bose sound systembose sound systembose sound system

Bose® Sound System

Produced for Alfa Romeo by the US company Bose, a leader in the Hi-Fi acoustic sector, it is able to guarantee exceptional listening quality to all passengers under all driving conditions.


The Hi-Fi system has a power output of more than 400 Watt and offers an acoustic system made up of the main speakers in addition to a subwoofer with 6 Channel digital amplifier for bass notes that are always deep and involving and a central speaker in the dashboard for wrap-around sound with plenty of subtlety.


Whether you are listening to a guitar riff or a full orchestra, the Bose® Sound System offers the same emotions you feel when listening to a live concert. Realistic reproduction, crystal-clear high notes, full and rich bass notes, allow the sound to wrap around all occupants, giving the sensation of passing through a much larger environment because the audio system is designed specially for the passenger compartment.


To make the sensory experience even more unique, an integrated signal processor automatically adjusts the bass notes to ensure they are perfect at any volume, while an active equalisation circuit guarantees optimum automatic electronic balancing of the output at all frequencies, great balance and clarity of tone throughout the audio range, eliminating unpleasant distortion even in passages where the volume is higher or in high dynamic tracks.

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