Engines multijet

Engines multijetEngines multijetEngines multijet

MultiJet technology

MultiJet technology is a fuel system for diesel engines. (the Alfa Romeo 156 was the first car to which this system was applied). The system is able to achieve a high number of injections during each engine stroke. The quantity of diesel is burned in a more gradual manner inside the cylinder.

The advantages of the MultiJet system are:

  • more silent running
  • reduced emissions
  • performance increase of approximately 6-7%

Technical explanation
The secret of MultiJet lies in the control unit that controls the electrical injector opening and closing control (and also in the injectors themselves). The key element in this system is the electronic control unit which can carry out a series of injections even very close together.
The component (together with the injectors) makes it possible to implement multiple injections that guarantee the designer more precise control of pressures and temperatures developed in the combustion chamber in addition to more effective exploitation of the air introduced into the cylinders. This makes it possible to achieve additional goals: in the control of combustion noise, in emission reduction and in increased performance

One version of the new 1.6 MultiJet units delivering 105 HP is now available on the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta on which the maximum torque rises to 320 Nm delivered at 1750 rpm dynamic mode.

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