Engines multiair scavening

Engines multiair scaveningEngines multiair scaveningEngines multiair scavening

Scavenging Technology

Fitted on the direct injection 1750 TBi 235 HP, this exclusive technology controls and optimises fuel metering, dual variable timing system position, spark advance and initial timing instant-by-instant. By instantaneous control and optimisation of various engine parameters, it is able to increase torque even at very low speeds and reduce any turbo lag effect.

The use of Scavenging technology brings benefits in terms of both performance and fuel consumption:

  • better efficiency in all engine operating conditions
  • maximum reduction of fuel consumption and emissions
  • more torque at low rpm
  • Absence of turbo lag: incredibly prompt engine response to the driver's demands.

Technical explanation
Scavenging is achieved through an integrated combination of various elements. Due to new-generation petrol direct injection with a high-pressure pump up to 150 bar and new injectors with 7 holes, the temperature in the combustion chamber is reduced through fuel evaporation, lowering sensitivity to knock: this makes it possible to achieve outstanding performance, low fuel consumption at speeds with the throttle partly open, reduced and controlled emissions even with a high compression ratio. This effect is also aided by the two variable valve timing systems located on the intake and exhaust camshafts, which intervene at all engine speeds and loads.
The result is a drive system that can be used to achieve superior performance while maintaining fuel consumption at moderate levels.
The Scavenging strategy and the innovative valve timing system enable the engine to set new performance benchmarks.
Specific torque (194 Nm/l) is exceptionally high and one of the highest figures for any engine available today. This maximum torque value is also achieved at the relatively low speed of 1900 rpm. This guarantees superb pick-up performance and allows the car to be driven without the driver having to shift gears frequently.
The engine develops a high specific power of 134 HP/l at the relatively low speed of 5200 rpm and keeps this power level constant up to 5750 rpm. Below, 1750 engine from brochure

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