I love my 4C forever

Meet 4 Alfa Romeo enthusiasts speaking about their endless passion for their 4C.

Italy, France, Germany and The United Kingdom; the passion for Alfa Romeo knows no borders and it speaks a universal language: pure emotion at the wheel. We had the chance to meet four proud 4C owners and we discovered that the Italian supercar had captured their hearts forever. Four different experiences, four different stories but one way of experiencing and driving Alfa Romeo.

“I love my 4C’s energy, its impulse, its lightness, its unique and timeless curves.”

Piero Ferrante, told us more about the very first kilometers at the wheel of his brand new 4C on the Italian hills: his passion is genuine, his words are a declaration of love for the drive.
Alain Durand from France, showed us his incredible collection of historic Alfa Romeo cars: the 4C has a very special place in his heart and in his personal “hall of fame”.
For Detlev Seggler, 4C is his sixth Alfa Romeo to date, a never-ending love beginning in 1978: he is impressed by the technology and the performance of his 4C and enjoys every kilometer on the most beautiful German roads.
John MacMullan, said with 4C it was “Love at first sight”: in his words, Alfa Romeo is a brand that inspires genuine appreciation and respect among car enthusiasts all over the UK.

“For me, my 4C is forever”

Once again we learned that Alfa Romeo is more than simply an Italian car: it is a passion living in the hearts of thousands all over the world. It is an authentic symbol of performance, style and innovation spanning decades and generations.

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