Meet the hearts and minds that dreamt up Giulia’s design.

In search of timeless beauty: the challenge of our Centro Stile while designing the new era of Alfa Romeo.

Designing an Alfa Romeo is probably one of the hardest challenges a car designer will ever face; an Alfa Romeo is more than just a car it, is an icon. It must be bold, yet also maintain unmistakable aesthetic traits. It must catch the eye of passers-by, without going out of style over the years.
The exterior designers of Alfa Romeo’s Centro Stile aimed to create a “timeless classic”

“Giulia is beauty, sculpted on substance”

Scott Krugger, Head of Alfa Romeo Design, describes Giulia with passion, as if it were a living being and not just another boring “object” on four wheels. Giulia knows how to captures the hearts of Alfa Romeo enthusiasts and steal the show from all the other sedans on the market.

“From the stunning dynamics of the Quadrifoglio version we developed a unique shape”

Alessandro Maccolini, Exterior Chief Designer, recounts the efforts of his Team while designing Giulia’s curves. An indomitable spirit for performance was the driving force behind every choice made. It had to be the fastest, the most powerful, the most efficient in aerodynamics and downforce, the lightest in its category.

Mission accomplished, Centro Stile Alfa Romeo.

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