Giulia’s world first: “blindfolded” fast lap at Silverstone

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To celebrate its arrival in UK dealerships, Alfa Romeo Giulia treats itself to a “blindfolded” lap record at Silverstone: 65 years after the fastest lap during the British F1 Grand Prix by Nino Farina, Alfa Romeo strikes again in the legendary Silverstone circuit.

A Giulia Quadrifoglio, with windows completely covered by black vinyl, navigated the 1.64-mile course, reaching speeds of more than 100 mph and completing the lap in 1:44.3 secs.

The key players in this challenge were Ed Morris, the youngest ever British driver to compete at Le Mans 24 hour, and David Brise, directing from a second Giulia Quadrifoglio behind.

“I’ve driven hundreds of cars but never one with all the windows blacked out,” said professional driver Morris. “As a racing driver it’s in your nature to push yourself and the car to its limits and knowing the Alfa Romeo Giulia is packed with so many high-performance technologies really allowed us to have complete trust in it and focus on setting a record.”


Turin, 25 November 2016