#icemotions with Giulia and Stelvio: Alfa Romeo passion lights up the ice of Lapland. 

On 25th and 26th February, Alfa Romeo took part in two exciting days of test drives at the Bosch Winter Center in Vaitoudden, in Lapland, Sweden.

The true stars of these days were Giulia and Stelvio.

Minus 20°C temperatures were not able to freeze the passion of enthusiasts and Alfa Romeo engines: 15 influencers had the priviledge of experiencing authentic #icemotions, testing the limits of Giulia and Stelvio during special test drives.

The event was staged on an exclusive test track: the surface of Arjeplog’s frozen lake.


Drifting, slalom, handling and breaking tests. These are just some of the challenges that were faced, to reach and understand the limits of Alfa Romeo’s latest creations in extreme conditions.


The Q4 all-wheel drive system was one of the main protagonists of the event:  it offers real-time torque management on the 4 wheels, whatever the surface: even on a snow covered, frozen lake.


The 11 cars present at the Bosch Winter Centre travelled a total of 1800 km.

The goal? The Arctic Circle, passing through the spectacular Galtis Ski Resort.


Discover the technological excellence of Giulia and Stelvio and live even more #icemotions with Alfa Romeo.