"Storie Alfa Romeo”: the Brand tells about himself to its lovers

"Storie Alfa Romeo”: a social content strategy to celebrate 110 years of history

On June the 24th 2020, Alfa Romeo will celebrate 110 years of Italian genius, technological innovation, racing successes and unforgettable 4-wheel creations. To mark the event, the Brand will propose “Storie Alfa Romeo”, a web series dedicated to all car lovers, that will tell curiosities, costume and facts about Alfa Romeo, in its Italian context and all around the world. How? Trough some of its most famous models and meeting pilots and stars, technicians and stylists, celebrities and simple enthusiasts: the protagonists of the Alfa legend.


The Open Backstage social project

Besides “Storie Alfa Romeo”, the Biscione will bring on social media also its Museo. In fact, with the Open Backstage project, on Facebook and Instagram channels will open @museoalfaromeo: a place of digital sharing where users will be allowed to visit exclusive pieces of the Alfa Romeo’s historic collection, that collects hundreds of automobiles, engines, mechanical components, trophies, miniatures.


Alfa 24 HP, the first Alfa ever

With “Storie Alfa Romeo” it will be possible to explore the roots of Alfa Romeo, up to its origins: the Alfa 24 HP designed by Giuseppe Merosi before that, on June 24th 1910, the business name A.L.F.A (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) was even registered. But, the first ALFA was a real Alfa Romeo already: elegant, sporty, technologically advanced and with an unmistakable charm. This is the magic formula that will make the Brand unique in the automotive landscape, throughout all its history.