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C38. Born with ambition.

A thrilling challenge that starts in Australia and ends nine months later in Abu Dhabi, after twenty-one rounds all over the world. A contest where winning and losing are a matter of milliseconds. It's the F1 World Championship. And in 2019, Alfa Romeo will join the race with its C38.

Kimi Räikkönen

Kimi Räikkönen

They call him the Iceman: introvert, yet extremely effective at the wheel of a Formula 1™ car. No wonder Kimi Räikkönen has been one of the three F1™ world champions on track in the 2019 season. A challenge that the Finnish driver will face once again, this time behind the wheel of Stelvio number 7, his single seater for this season. 

Antonio Giovinazzi

Antonio Giovinazzi

He doesn’t lack talent nor ambition and in 2019 he will finally demonstrate it behind the wheel of Giulia number 99, his single seater. Becoming the official driver for the Alfa Romeo Racing team in Formula 1™ is a dream come true for the young Italian Antonio Giovinazzi. 


Twenty-one circuits, infinite emotions.

Twenty-one races to be faced with grit and passion for the Alfa Romeo Racing Team. Twenty-one F1™ World Championship circuits, each with its own stories, its own numbers and its own emotions. A unique story waiting to be written and lived, from Australia to Abu Dhabi: discover all the secrets of the circuits that will see our drivers become protagonists behind the wheel of their Giulia and Stelvio single seaters.

Competition is our DNA

Competition is our DNA

Just one year after it was founded on 24th June 1910, Alfa Romeo made its debut in an official competition, winning the first Regularity Race in Modena. Since then, its sporting legend has been a string of victories and rankings in the top-three in many international championships, including Formula One. Today this history lives on, driven by the same passion as always.