Alfa Romeo captivates the readers
of Swiss magazine Auto Illustrierte 

Award-winning excellence starts with quality. Once again, Alfa Romeo continues to impress the readers of Auto Illustrierte, the leading Swiss automotive magazine that participates in the prestigious “Best Cars” competition: 422 models, 12 different categories, prestigious awards.

Among the participants, Alfa Romeo shines the brightest: for the 6th consecutive year, the Giulia wins 1st place in the “Midsize Sedan” category. For the 3rd year in a row, the Stelvio triumphs in the “Large SUV/Off-roader” group. Crowning the results, the Tonale wins its first title in “Compact SUVs/Off-roaders”: yet another sign of the Swiss public's strong appreciation.

In regard to “Best Brands”, readers of the Swiss magazine also expressed their preference for Alfa Romeo, placing it on the podium for “Best Design” and “Best Advertising”.