Italian sportiness has a new energy



Italian sportiness and visceral driving pleasure. The unique DNA of Alfa Romeo has become the catalyst for a new way of interpreting electrification, marking an unprecedented moment in the history of the Brand. That's how the Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica was born.


More than 600,000 public charging spots in Europe and a wide array of intelligent solutions that enable you to manage the charging of your electric car using your smartphone or smartwatch.


The Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica allows easy access to low emissions zones and simplifies the search for parking lots, making your journeys across the city nearly silent and totally stress-free.


Tax benefits, government incentives, and low running costs. Choosing an Alfa Romeo electric car means opting for significant advantages from a financial standpoint.


Pure thrills on your everyday road trips. The Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica ensures excellent driving dynamics and extraordinary performance. In short: next-level sportiness.


With a WLTP combined range of 410 km, the Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica offers a top speed of over 200 km/h (Veloce version). Using DC fast charging, this compact electric car can be recharged from 20% to 80% in just 27 minutes, at a maximum rate of 100 kW.

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How to recharge your car


Domestic power supplies are useful for those who want to charge the battery of their electric vehicle during the night. Charging at home means your car will be ready to hit the road the following morning.​
The energy provided by each device varies according to the model's charging capacity.


Standard outlet


You can charge your electric vehicle at home using the domestic AC electrical outlet and a Mode 2 Cable - available as an accessory and capable of charging the battery up to 2.3 kW at a standard speed.

Mode 3 Cable


Available as standard on the Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica, the Mode 3 Cable requires the installation of a wall box for use at home. Based on the car version and the type of wall box, it allows you to charge your vehicle from 0% to 100% in 5 hours and 45 minutes (11 kW).


Free2move eSolutions offers a professional installation service, in line with the government eligibility criteria. You can have your easyWallbox or eProWallbox installed in four steps.

How to recharge your car


Using public charging stations is becoming increasingly accessible as the charging network is expanding constantly.


With My Alfa Connect app, get access to all connected services of your Alfa Romeo. You can plan your next journey considering the reachable range around your location and find the nearest charging station. You can easily access the eSolutions Charging app and also manage your wall box at home remotely.



Combined energy consumption of the Alfa Romeo Junior (kWh/100km): 15.0 - 15.5; CO2 emissions (g/km): 0. Electric range (km): 410 - 398 according to EU directive 1999/94. Values determined based on ongoing official tests prescribed by the approval procedure and measured according to the WLTP cycle. Preliminary values subject to confirmation during the approval process. The values indicated are for comparison purposes only.​
Energy consumption and CO2 emissions figures may vary depending on actual usage conditions and various factors, such as options, temperature, driving style, speed, vehicle weight, specific equipment (air conditioning, heating system, radio, navigation, lights, etc.), tires, road conditions, weather, etc.​
Images are for illustrative purposes only. Some features may be optional with an additional cost or temporarily unavailable.​
Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica Veloce is not yet on the market. It will be possible to receive information and order the car from June 2024 onwards.​