Alfa Romeo celebrated its 113th anniversary on 24 June. In addition to the special event organised in Arese, we shared a thrilling video showing the extraordinary journey made by Zhou Guanyu behind the wheel of his F1 car. The driver paid tribute to the history and future of the Brand by driving from Cassino to Pomigliano, where the Alfa Romeo passion is built. All the employees seemed extremely excited about Zhou’s presence and greeted him with genuine enthusiasm.

The video is the perfect demonstration of our daring attitude. It highlights the values that make the Alfa Romeo DNA so unique: noble sportiness and Italian beauty. Furthermore, the choice of the locations is even more meaningful. The Cassino Plant is the place where Giulia and Stelvio are manufactured every day, while the Pomigliano Plant is the home of Tonale - emblem of the new Alfa Romeo era.

Past and future. Beauty and sportiness. Passion and emotions. Zhou’s journey embodies the Alfa Romeo universe in its broadest sense.