Giulia GTA: the momentous return of an Alfa Romeo legend

On the year of its 110th anniversary, Alfa Romeo will start the celebrations of this historic milestone returning to its roots and bringing back one of the legends of motoring: Giulia GTA. 


A set of initials with a legendary feel: GTA

The new Giulia GTA is technically and conceptually inspired by the Giulia GTA of 1965: the “Gran Turismo Alleggerita”, literally Lightened Gran Turismo, developed by Autodelta based on the Giulia Sprint GT, a sporting success worldwide.


The legend, renewed with excellent technical solutions

Alfa Romeo intends to give a gift to Alfa enthusiasts by presenting a car planted deep in the world of performance and grand touring. Alfa Romeo engineers have improved aerodynamics and handling but above all, reduced weight. The extensive use of ultra-light materials offers a reduction of 100 kg compared to the Giulia Quadrifoglio, achieving a best-in-class weight/power ratio of 2.82 kg/hp.


Specific technical features and functional style

The active aerodynamics were specifically studied to increase the downforce with technical know-how that comes directly from Formula 1, thanks to the synergy with Sauber Engineering and the use of the Sauber Aerokit. The handling at high speeds has been improved by widening the front and rear wheel tracks by 50mm and developing a new set of springs, shock absorbers and bushings for the suspension systems.

In terms of performance, the powerful 2.9 V6 Bi-Turbo, made entirely of aluminum and capable of unleashing no less than 510 hp in the standard configuration, reaches a power output of 540 hp on Giulia GTA, thanks to meticulous calibration work.


Giulia GTAm: an extreme 100% “street legal” version 

The Giulia GTAm is the two-seater configuration approved for on-road use, with the aerodynamic optimized to an extreme level, by adding a front splitter and larger visible rear wing in carbon, the ultimate expression of sportiness. The interior is unique featuring a roll bar, no door panels or rear seats and the door is opened with a belt in place of the handle, another touch that comes from the racing world.


A privilege for 500 lucky customers

Alfa Romeo is now accepting pre-booking for Giulia GTA and GTAm, available in only 500 certified, numbered units in total.