Giancarlo Fisichella and Giulia Quadrifoglio: two kindred souls.

There was an immediate understanding between the Italian driver and the most powerful street-legal Alfa Romeo ever.

For every Alfa Romeo there is a kindred spirit. Someone who identifies themselves and their passions with the essence of the brand and the identity of a car: sportiness, competition, excitement behind the wheel and genuine driving pleasure. Giulia Quadrifoglio finds a perfect partner in Giancarlo Fisichella.

The meeting between the two stars was memorable: the result is a breathtaking test drive at the Arese track.

For an avid Alfa Romeo enthusiast like Giancarlo Fisichella it was also the perfect opportunity to visit the spectacular historical Museum. During an exclusive interview the great Italian driver was able to re-live extraordinary personal and professional recollections related to the history of the brand.

Turin, 03 November 2016