Accademia Alfa Romeo: when driving emotions hit the track.

Take the most classical driving course on track and the best drivers coaches out there.

Add Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio, but not only, and mix everything with weather conditions that suits (maybe) more relaxing activities.

The final result?

An exciting day between curbs, screeching tires, intense driving emotions: welcome to Accademia Alfa Romeo


Last weekend, at FCA Proving Ground in Balocco, international journalists and influencers had the chance to test firsthand the innovative technological solutions that distinguish the current Giulia and Stelvio range. 

Practice is better than theory. Especially when it comes to safety.


More than 80 partecipants from all over the world tested firsthand what means to tackle an high-speed corner feeling the road like they have never experienced before, thanks to the innovative suspension schemes designed by Alfa Romeo. Or how the Integrated Brake System works and let the driver stops the car in a very short distance.


Tricky conditions then enhanced the skills of Giulia and Stelvio Q4, the all wheel drive system on-demand that, depending on the road conditions, always guarantees the best grip. For the benefit of the driving experience.