The project

As we celebrate our 110th anniversary, we decided to treat Alfisti from all over the world to a virtual visit of our museum with the 110 Years Tour. This visit consists in a journey through our history divided in five sections: Timeline, Bellezza, Speed, Collezione Storage Room and Archive. Watch all the episodes: Click here.


The first section of the museum is called Timeline and it tells the story of the company, its evolution and its future. This area celebrates the people who left their mark on our history: from the managers and the designers, all the way to the workers. But the real stars of this are the cars, which portray Alfa Romeo’s history and evolution through the decades.


The second section of the museum is called Bellezza. It represents the evolution of car design over the years, celebrating the creativity of world class designers such as Bertone, Zagato, Giugiaro and Pininfarina.


The third section of the museum is called Velocità and celebrates the victories of Alfa Romeo across the tracks of the whole world throughout the decades. The atmosphere and the noise of the races resonate between some of the most powerful Alfa Romeos ever created. This section portrays the heroes and their deeds behind the wheel. From Ugo Sivocci’s debut of the Quadrifoglio logo, to Enzo Ferrari’s start in Alfa Romeo, all the way to the Alfetta Tipo 158, the first car to ever win a Championship in F1.

Collezione Storage Room

The Storage Room is where we keep the racing single seaters, the rarest prototypes, the special editions, tractors, a speed boat and many other unique creations.  It includes everything that’s not on display at the museum: engines, trophies and equipment.


The Alfa Romeo Documentation Center is located inside the museum and constitutes its heart and soul. It collects documents, images videos, sketches and testimonies that bear witness of 110 years of history. From the production, the plants, the people, all the way to the racing history.