Alfa Romeo celebrates Jannik Sinner’s talent and performance for his first win in an ATP tournament.

At the age of 19, Jannik Sinner won the first ATP tournament of his career, the Sofia Open, becoming the youngest Italian ever to win this prize in the history of tennis and pushing him up to 37th in the world rankings. Alfa Romeo is proud to have at its side a talent without equal, which proves to have the right spirit to grow again and become an inspiring model, not only at a sporting level. Technique and commitment but above all passion and determination indeed live in the personality of a young prodigy who knows how to best express the desire to improve, to face the challenges and win, like a racing driver.


Sharing a winning attitude is in the DNA of Alfa Romeo, always committed to support and promote great Italian champions, honored to bolster Jannik Sinner’s preparations and all his challenges, as a true teammate, supporting his style and sporting skills. The wish for Jannik is to always keep that desire to compete and to excel that distinguish him, looking at this success as a new starting point for new and exciting performances.