Kimi Räikkönen conducts the final testing on the Giulia GTA and GTAm

Kimi Räikkönen, the Finnish world champion, was back at the Balocco Providing Ground a few days ago to personally evaluate the work done on the new Giulia GTA and GTAmafter the testing sessionmade last fall.


His words leave no doubt about the high-performance of thenewsports sedan: “I really like it. We’re looking at a car that can be used on an everyday basis, but that can also be taken onto the track, one in which you can really enjoy yourself.”


The work made to the car, specifically in terms of aerodynamics, was deeply analyzed by Kimi, since he had already worked on this aspect in the first session, giving invaluable advice on the new appendages added both to the front and to the rear: “It’s better at high speed in terms of balance. It’s fast, easy to drive, and responsive.”The Sauber team played an active role in the design, prototyping and manufacturing of various components that perform an aerodynamic function.


In the end, superb statistics testifyto the great achievements resulting from the collaboration between Alfa Romeo, Sauber technicians and two very special testers as Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi.